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Inside every senior leader is a treasure of inner strength and confidence – ImpactBank is in the business of helping leaders leverage their strengths as…

…they enter a new mandate or role to see quick and lasting results and the opportunity is most powerful in the first six months OR within the first two years.
ON YOUR MARK…™ was developed with appreciation for the schedule & time challenges of most senior leaders, an understanding of the importance of JIT (just in time) areas of focus rather than a formula-focused approach to learning, and the value of trying-on different approaches and the art of experimenting as a leader. The goal is for the leader to lock into their purpose, presence & power in a constructive, thoughtful manner.
In September 2016 ON YOUR MARK…™ added another dimension – social learning. IMPACTBANK offers this unique approach to intact teams or to organizations preparing a group of emerging leaders – in addition to the reflective, JIT learning that is unique to the original version of ON YOUR MARK…™, a social component is included either through a classroom experience or on-line.
Contact me for more information about this unique approach to developing and supporting leaders.

We are the product of the company we keep. Once leaders have completed ON YOUR MARK…™ they may benefit from periodic conversations for…  

…the next 12-18 months as new habits are developed, resolve is tested and transfer of learning is challenged. In our experience, leaders are often surprised by how isolated and outwardly focused they feel. With 2 – 1 hour focused conversations each month participants are encouraged to express/unpack the day to day challenges they encounter. By doing so they are explore solutions and learning together resulting in the insights and new thinking that allows them to continue to develop and nurture their strengths.
Conversations, designed specifically for leaders in their first 2 years in a Director or C-Suite position, where they will focus on developing leadership competence where it counts most–the pressing-matters-of-the-day, as identified by the leaders themselves.
With the support of the ImpactBank tailored experiences and the “wisdom-in-the-room”, participants will tackle the specific challenges they’re facing and develop useful solutions to apply immediately.
Every meaningful change starts from the inside—so we’ll clear the toxic inner talk and build capacity and self-efficacy one conversation at a time.  Contact us directly  TODAY to discuss how to make this available to your leaders.

Social Learning
Building and improving on communication and leadership skills is one way to develop confidence and credibility. While focused, tailored learning…

…for each leader is more effective, social learning for an entire leadership team or group of new leaders, where there are a variety of strengths, perspectives and levels of experience may help an organization make shifts in culture and performance. While IMPACTBANK’s specialty is in tailoring learning for senior leaders in a new role or with a new mandate, we recognize the value of in-team social learning in specific situations.
While ImpactBank’s group coaching offers a leader-centric focus, tailored to and flowing with the participants, our workshops on leadership are appropriate for a lot of organizations and leaders. We also offer tailored workshops on the key leadership skills when this approach is most appropriate for an organization or leadership team.
ImpactBank offers progressive workshops on subjects including: “it takes GRIT”, “Managing Diversity”, “Styles and Personalities in the Workplace”, “A Brain-based Model for Influence”, “The 12 Leadership Character Strengths”, “Powerful Conversations that Move a Team to Performance”, “Leading Kick-ass Meetings to Get Results” and more.
ImpactBank will also design a unique workshop on leadership skills or competencies you have identified as a gap in your organization. Contact us directly TODAY or JOIN our mailing list to receive information on new topics, research or other resources from ImpactBank.

Happy, Healthy Workplaces
Have you heard about the #RRTs  (Rotman Round Tables)? I started these with a couple of Rotman colleagues as a way to engage men in gender related conversations using

a Bohm-inspired approach. If you haven’t read Bohm’s “On Dialogue”, it’s worth picking up. He was a well known physicist who spent a great deal of time thinking about how humans solve the most important problems of our world; he concluded we needed more open dialogue. The focus of the #RRTs initially was eradicating violence against women and girls and evolved in July-August of 2017, before the #MeToo movement took us by storm, to focus on how we could eliminate sexual harassment. This focus deeply aligns with the work of ImpactBank and easily finds its way into the content of the Kickass Koach podcast. While I’ve suspended the bi-weekly public conversations at Rotman, I continue to bring the Bohm-inspired concept to workplaces. In my post:  “Why Do Some Men Still Think it’s Okay for Boys to BE Boys?”I express dismay at the wide ranging problem we have in creating workplaces that are safe for everyone to contribute fully.
ImpactBank: #evawCAN was created in fall 2016 and continues in a new form. By bringing the round table concept to the workplace we meet people where there are opportunities to not only work on skills to improve but to measure and prove that change is great for people, organizational results AND society broadly.
The root of the crises IS NOT at the moment of the misogynistic remark, the cat-call, the slap, the sexual harassment at work, the rape or the murder of a woman by someone who “loves” her. IT IS the root that requires our focus, our attention. 
If your organization wants to tackle this common problem in a new way AND/OR engage in a conversation on the cultures that will limit its existence in your workplace, contact me for a conversation about our CULTURE FOR BREAKFAST 4-month program.

About Me


Pinch-able cheeks, a wry wink and a hearty laugh are classic Roxanne “Rox” Bartel. For 30 years these qualities have allowed her to playfully “stir things up” in every role from Trainer to CEO.

Today Rox is “stirring it up” in her own practice, she calls ImpactBank where she is Chief Booster & Holder of Space. Looking for a speaker? She’s an engaging speaker (key note and conference break outs). Looking to improve or work on leader skills or improve your organizational culture? She facilitates experiential learning and exploratory conversations that bring immediate results. Are you a leader seeking to raise your game and prove your worth OR are you on-boarding leaders in your organization and want to give them a headstart? Rox is a leadership coach and mentor to leaders who are newly hired, promoted or accepting a big change initiative. Additionally, Rox seems to always have a passion initiative bubbling up.  She’s been addressing the #MeToo challenges in workplaces her entire career and in January 2017 she started the #RRTs (Rotman Roundtables to discuss sexual harassment with men).

Ask her about:  her podcast “ImpactBank: the Kickass Koach”; her signature systems called “ON THE MARK…™” and IT TAKES GRIT. 

Interested in improving your organizational culture? Rox and collaborators have created a unique experience to get you started in the right direction: Culture for Breakfast.  What differentiates our approach: We’re: informed by theory and research, data-driven, and quick to experiential.

Grace, wisdom beyond her years, and the personality to wear her signature red shoes – Rox has got it all! Oh, she is a life-long Habs fan; SO, clearly she’s far from perfect!

Download Rox’s Speaker Bio HERE

Roxanne Bartel

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Informed by accredited coaching practices, positive psychology, neuro-leadership research and Transformative Learning Theory, ImpactBank is in the business of supporting & partnering with your newly promoted leaders–giving them a leg-up and your organization a boost! Call us today for a conversation on how we can help you on-board your newest leaders!

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