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Thinking to Grow Options

Is black and white, lazy thinking, limiting the potential of your organization, people and ultimately your leadership influence? Innovation starts with what is happening in your individual and collective thinking

“Black Or White” Thinking is Lazy Thinking!

It shouldn’t be difficult, at a time when we are opening ourselves up to the concept of  gender fluidity, to explore how to adopt a more fluid thinking approach. Your

Where Is Your Shadow Leading?

Are you acting out of fear of what may be or about what possibilities excite you? It may start with how you look at and apply the learning from your

It’s Go Time

Are you happy to hear it’s Go-Time? If you have been following along my last few posts and related episodes you’ll know we are at the fourth stage of the

Leadership Lessons from My Father

Are people born leaders? OR are they nurtured and encouraged by lessons they encounter throughout their life? It likely won’t surprise those who know me that I believe it’s the

044 – 047 3 P’s For Trans-formative Meetings

Powerful meetings don’t just happen.  Powerful productive meetings start with the mindset of the Senior Leaders in the organization. At ImpactBank, we exclusively work with Senior Leaders during their first

Episode #41- Recognizing the Illusion that is Control

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Happy International Women’s Day: The Sisterhood

Women are mysterious and our relationships with each other are equally so. Maybe it’s partly because it is more complex to be a woman in a man’s world. Maybe, in

Ep# 36: Diversity – Struggling to identify the SOBs?

Listen to this and other episodes ImpactBank’s The Kickass Koach podcast supports emerging senior leaders who want to quickly master the art and practice of leadership. When you were promoted

Episode #33: Mastering Leadership IV – Exude Confidence or Garner Trust

A Case for Balance Have you ever been told you are overly confident? Maybe your self assured and grounded presence helped you land the career opportunity of a life time!