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The #GoogleMemo and a guy’s feelings of vulnerability

I know Mr Damore may speak for some, but not all. I know his “thinking” angers many, but not all. I know he is just one person, but so are

Thinking to Grow Options

Is black and white, lazy thinking, limiting the potential of your organization, people and ultimately your leadership influence? Innovation starts with what is happening in your individual and collective thinking

Where Is Your Shadow Leading?

Are you acting out of fear of what may be or about what possibilities excite you? It may start with how you look at and apply the learning from your

It’s Go Time

Are you happy to hear it’s Go-Time? If you have been following along my last few posts and related episodes you’ll know we are at the fourth stage of the

Ready for Go-Time?

Positional and personal leadership is grounded in presence. Your presence is generated out of your internal state of readiness. You ready?! You may think all these new faces that report

Authentic Leadership Starts With Self-Awareness

Over my career I’ve been disappointed by many leaders. Why? Well because many got my attention with their words and then lost me with their follow-through. I have come to

Getting Set for Success!

What’s success? The concept of success has been a struggle for me from an early age. It annoys me when people attach success to winning. Whether, the ’72 Canada v.

Leadership Lessons from My Father

Are people born leaders? OR are they nurtured and encouraged by lessons they encounter throughout their life? It likely won’t surprise those who know me that I believe it’s the

044 – 047 3 P’s For Trans-formative Meetings

Powerful meetings don’t just happen.  Powerful productive meetings start with the mindset of the Senior Leaders in the organization. At ImpactBank, we exclusively work with Senior Leaders during their first

043 – What’s the Impact of Your Aversion to Loss?

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