Helping Leaders in Their 1st Two Years in a New Role…

So They Can BE the Difference-Maker You Need AND They Want to BE!

Overwhelmed by the new responsibilities of leadership and not confident your experience has prepared you for what you are experiencing?

Uncertain about your own abilities and not sure where to turn for advice?

Feeling isolated and without counsel and support for the unique challenges you are facing?

Are you just sick of feeling like a fraud at work and frustrated that no one is listening?

Surprised by how challenging relationships with peers, direct reports and new stakeholder are and not sure how to navigate?

Feeling scrutinized, like every step you take is being watched and analyzed more than ever?


When new to senior leadership or accepting a new mandate or position,  your first two years are, by far, the most challenging. You’ll benefit from adopting a powerful AND compassionate presence and well-developed listening & conversation skills to help you navigate the expectations that come with senior leadership SO you can bring out the best in your people.  When you are able to do that, you will take your career and results to another level? Whether you are completely new to a Director, Executive Director, or C-Suite position OR you are taking the leap to a new organization or mandate, we want to work with and for you to help you successfully navigate the terrain and make your MARK, using your strengths and unique perspective.

PSST…Do you know what your leaders are feeling? Will they stay in role long enough to make an impact? ImpactBank is in the business of supporting & partnering with your emerging senior leaders TO MAXIMIZE THEIR SUCCESS—WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE. CALL US TODAY.

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